Certified Business Development Professional

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Certified Business Development Professional

A Global Leadership Certification enables you to show you have cultural competency in your attitudes, knowledge, and skills. You will become prepared to work with individuals, communities, and organizations reflecting diverse origins.

You may reflect upon how the skills, experience, and knowledge you have gained influence your personal and professional goals.

You will learn how to

  • Adopt a strategic process and framework for leading change
  • Communicate effectively to successfully implement change
  • Apply a strategic approach to communication and planning
  • Inspire and motivate others to support change
  • Skillfully handle challenging situations

The “Business Analyst Certification” is meant for entry-level to intermediate-level data analysts who have been in the industry for a while.


Unlike typical certification programs, there are no prerequisite programs.

Course Outcome

Skills you’ll gain will include: Data cleaning, problem solving, critical thinking, data ethics, and data visualization

Platforms and tools you will learn include: Presentations, Spreadsheets, SQL, Tableau and Python Programming. Just learn, , pass, and earn the certification!

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