Certified Supply Chain Professional

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Certified Supply Chain Professional

Learn SCM fundamentals, warehousing tips, inventory control, problem solving skills, and get on a path to a new career in this exciting field.Unlock your potential in Supply Chain Management. Build job-ready skills for a Supply Chain Management career. Gain job-ready skills for an entry-level Supply Chain Practioner role with this Supply Chain Certification course.

  • Product flow
  • Financial flow
  • Information flow
  • Value flow
  • Risk flow

Course Overview

Supply chain certifications allow you to advance your expertise in supply chain management, learn about the latest issues and trends in the field and grow your professional skills. As a result, earning a supply chain certification often increases your eligibility as well as your earning potential. Though there are some employers that prefer that supply chain manager candidates have professional certifications, these credentials are usually optional. Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the end-to-end transportation management of goods and services on their path from origin to consumer. From the procurement of raw materials, inventory management, and retail delivery of finished product, SCM seeks to optimize forecasting, inventory and transportation to maximize efficiency, reduce cost, understand the flow of goods, and align supply chain networks


Unlike typical certification programs, there are no prerequisite programs.

Course Outcome

Skills you’ll gain will include:Soft Skills – Communication Skills, Radical Simplicity, Customer Focus, Better in Presentation, Emotional Intelligence and Project Management.

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