Certified Python Programmer(CPP)

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Certified Python Programmer(CPP)

Unlock your potential in data analytics. Build job-ready skills for a Pyhton Programmer and data analyst career. Gain job-ready skills for an entry-level data science role with this Python for Data Analysis course.

  • SQL
  • Big Data
  • Data Science
  • Business Analytics
  • Tableau

The Python for Analytics programme will serve as the first step in your data science learning journey, and does not require you to know how to code, as this programme will teach you these skills. Designed to provide you with a straightforward introduction to essential Python programming for analytics purposes, the programme will also teach you how to gain essential insights by evaluating data.

Course Outcome

Unlike typical certification programs, there are no prerequisite programs.

Skills you’ll gain will include: Data cleaning, problem solving, critical thinking, data ethics, and data visualization

Platforms and tools you will learn include: Presentations, Spreadsheets, SQL, Tableau and Python Programming. Just learn, pass, and earn the certification!

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